Sunday, September 7, 2014

Books Read in September 2014

218. The Cruelest Lie by Susan Napier
217. The Sister Swap by Susan Napier
216. Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence by Chantelle Shaw
215. Untouched Until marriage by Chantelle Shaw
214. His Unknown Heir by Chantelle Shaw
213. The Virgin's Choice by Jennie Lucas
212. The Bride Thief by Jennie Lucas
211.  THe Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess by Trish Morey
210. The Mancini Marriage by Trish Morey
209.  The Italian Boss' Secret Child by Trish Morey
208. The Italian Boss' Mistress by Trish Morey
207. Reckless in Paradise by Trish Morey
206. His Mistress for a Million by Trish Morey
205. Greek Boss' Demand by Trish Morey
204. Forced Wife Royal Love Child by Trish Morey
203. A Virgin for Taking by Trish Morey
202. The Heir from Nowhere by Trish Morey
201. The Inherited Bride by Maisy Yates
200. His Virgin Acquisition by Maisy Yates
199. A Mistake, A Prince and A Pregnancy by Maisy Yates
198. Marriage Made On Paper by Maisy Yates
197. One Night Heir by Melanie Milburne
196. Italian Boss' Mistress by Lynne Graham
195. Mistress and Mother by Lynne Graham
194. Prisoner of Passion by Lynne Graham
193. Bitter Passion by Lynne Graham
192. Secret Baby, Convenient Wife by Kim Lawrence
191. Best Man To Wed by Penny Jordan
190. Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure by India Grey
189. Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper by India Grey
188. Mistress Hired For Billionaire's Pleasure by India Grey
187. Emily's Innocence by India Grey
186. The Secret She Can't Hide by India Grey
185. At The Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding by India Grey
184. Angelo's Captive Virgin by India Grey
183. The Society Wife by India Grey